CC Workers

Who are the people at the desk at Towson University resident buildings? They are either RA’s, security or CC workers. To find out more about the CC workers listen to Joey Denning


Royal Comics

Royal Best is a Towson University student who has a dream to be an artist. He loves to draw cartoons and comics which lead to the creation of his company Royal Comics. Listen to his story here.

Royal Comics

A comic from Royal Best based on his girlfriend Mandy and her cousins. Photo by Royal Best

Andino continues hot streak

Baltimore Orioles short stop Robert Andino continued his hot hitting this past week. He raised his average to .333 and started hitting with some power. He hit his first home run of the season Saturday against the Chicago White Sox’s and hit a double this week.

He remains hitting in the number nine spot in the lineup despite his high numbers. Despite being in the number nine spot he has become a staple in the lineup making it almost impossible for the Orioles manager Buck Showalter to take him out.

It is only a month into the season and the Orioles have seen one of the bench players step up in a major way and contributing every day to the team. The success Andino is having might just be a long once in a career hot streak but the Orioles will ride it as long as they can. Or maybe Andino has find his stride and has finally become a good Major League hitter.

Here is some video of Andino;s play

Andino stands out

Baltimore Orioles utility/bench player Robert Andino was the first bench player to really break out and get hot.  He had several multi-hit games forcing manager Buck Showalter to keep him in the lineup.

Coming into the week Andino had a sub .200 batting average, he raised his average to .310.  He also provided some very strong defense at short stop, making some diving plays to prevent hits.

It is a good sign for the Orioles who came into the week on an eight game losing streak.  That streak was broken with two wins against the Minnesota Twins.

It seems as though Andino has slowed his game down.  Before he was erratic at the plate and in the field, if he can truly take advantage of his talent he could be an above average major league player.

Orioles bench not helping team

The Baltimore Orioles have lost seven games in a row.  The latest game on Sunday was no exception, losing to the Cleveland Indians 2-4.

The Orioles have platooned Robert Andino and Cesar Izturis since losing J.J. Hardy to the disabled list.  That might be a large reason the Orioles are struggling.  Neither Andino or Izturis have hit very well while stepping in.

Andino only has two hits in 13 at bats this season, and those two hits were singles.

Jake Fox on the other hand has provided some power from the bench, he added a triple and home run while giving Matt Wieters the day off on Saturday.

All together though the bench has not provided much help to the Orioles and it might not be until J.J. Hardy gets back from the DL that the team plays to their full potential again.

Invisible Children

Wednesday night at Towson University’s University Union, in the Potomac Lounge, the Invisible Children group put on a movie screening to help promote the Invisible Children cause.
Invisible Children is a group that helps children in Northern Uganda that are being abducted and used for war.
For the event the Invisible Children provided food for guest as they arrived at the screening. The group spent about $400 dollars putting the event together, according Janet Krater Chief of Staff, Head of PR.
Doors to the event opened at 7 p.m. along with the first serving of food included wings and subs which were quickly devoured.

People wait in line to get food before the screening of Invisible Children starts. Photo by Brian Hradsky

The group spent a long time preparing for the event, starting preparations months in advance starting with reserving the room, according to Lauren Castellanos a member of Invisible Children.
“The past couple of weeks we tabled every day for the past four days, as far as going outside of Susquehanna and telling people about it,” Castellanos said. “Me and one of the members also went out on a nice day and passed fliers out in the really high traffic areas.”
Castellanos wanted the event to bring in more people so that they could be opened to the cause. According to her the event was a success because a lot more people came to the event. The event encouraged Greek life to come as it would count towards their points on things they had to do.
“We try to raise awareness by having a screening that tells people about the cause,” Krater said.
The documentary started at about 7 p.m., it was about the beginnings of Invisible Children. It focused on the founder and a boy they met named Tony. The founders had a connection with this boy who loves American culture. They encouraged him to go to school to get an education and years later he was brought to the United States to help pass a bill that would get the United States involved in the Uganda war.
Midway through the documentary more food arrived for the event. This time it was pizza.
The documentary went on to tell the story of how the founders have evolved from making a documentary to becoming a massive nationwide organization. Not only have they passed bills in the United States government but they have started schools and emergency programs to help keep children safe.
After the documentary was over the roadies, members of Invisible Children that travel to each college to promote the events, held a question and answer session. Then they encouraged people to make donations to the Invisible Children cause by either a onetime donation or a monthly $25 donation.
People stayed around to talk to the Roadies about traveling around to different states and how they got involved in the organization.
Even though a lot of people were able to come out some people still wish they attended, Wednesday night was hard for some students to come out, according to Madison Sowell.

Bench starting to get work

The first week of the season the bench players saw little game action for the Baltimore Orioles. Things can change quickly in a few days.

Jake Fox, Cesar Izturis, Felix Pie, and Robert Andino all got playing time this weekend. Injuries played a big part of it. Outfielder Luke Scott, missed some games due to a groin injury and JJ Hardy missed the weekend with tightness in his side.

Having Friday nights game rained out, which caused a double header Saturday was another reason some bench players got in games. Fox caught the second game of the double header to give Orioles catcher Matt Wieters a break.

If Hardy’s injury is serious Izturis and Andino will likely see a lot more playing time in the following weeks. Both are realiable options at short stop but Izturis does not swing the bat well, and Andino has yet to prove he can hit constantly at the big league level.

Orioles bench player already get playing time.

Earlier this week the Baltimore Orioles set up their opening day roster. Jake Fox, Felix Pie, Robert Andino, and Cesar Izturis filled out the bench position. Only one of them has seen playing time within the first three game of the season.

Felix Pie pinch ran for Luke Scott on Saturday, who is out day-to-day with a groin injury, and started in left field for Sunday’s game.

In Saturday’s game he made a key out with a strong throw from the outfield gunning down a base runner from home plate.

He had one hit for the Orioles in Sunday’s game.

Later in Opening week look for the Orioles to start filtering in some more of their bench players. Usually the day that most bench players get to play is Sunday, since it is usually a day game after a night game. This Sunday was different because it was only the third game of the regular season and the players are still fresh.

Photo’s from campus

The Towson Tiger on a cold day in March.  Photo by Brian Hradsky

Towson Tiger

I like this photo because the Tiger’s head is big.


Jessa poses for a photo for students for 257 class. Photo by Brian Hradsky

I like this photo because it is well framed with the rule of thirds.

Books covered in St. Patrick's day decorations in the Cooke library.  Photo by Brian Hradsky

St. Patty's day

This photo is the best of the bunch it is well lighted and framed really well. It is cool that some St. Patrick’s day things were still up in the library over a week after the holiday.